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SevenSeventeen's latest limited edition candle collaboration with Giovanna Fletcher is all about giving time and love to those around you - a fragrant reminder that we're there for each other. Called 'Big Love' the candle donates ALL PROFITS to PANDAS Foundation, a mental health charity for parents and carers. Here, the best-selling author and founder of the Happy Mum, Happy Baby community shares her thoughts on self-care, the power of people coming together and why floral scents will always win her over!


1. What do you love about scented candles?

Scented candles generally feel like a bit of self care that’s easy to do, and something that won’t get lost in a to-do pile. Even the striking of the match makes my bones relax!  

2. What drew you to the wild flowers aroma you chose?  

I could’ve gone for so many other aromas as they were all so incredible, but flowers and floral scents always win me over. I used to work in a florist when I was younger as their Saturday bucket girl (not that glamorous, I literally sorted and cleaned smelly buckets). I loved it and would go in during all of my holidays. As a result flowers always fill me with joy - by matched with my love of being outside, I love stumbling across wild flora and fauna! 

3. What inspired the message you chose for the candle Big Love?

The majority of my sign offs to people in messages and emails (unless I’m pretending to be super professional) are ‘Big Love’. I think it’s my way of just sending someone a heap of love and letting them know I appreciate and respect them… letting them know they’re not alone. It’s definitely more important to get that message across following this strange time of separation and uncertainty. 

4. What do you think people will love about the candle? 

I love candles - whether I’ve bought myself one or have been sent one by a friend, so I hope that feeling of being treated is what people enjoy the most. 

5. What are your other favourite SevenSeventeen scents? 

Waaaah!!! I love so many of the other scents, that’s why it was so tough to choose one! Rose Geranium is pretty special (surprise, surprise I’ve gone for another floral number), but I also love your more intense aromas. I love that the candles are cruelty free and that 10% of the profits from every sale go to different charities. That captured my attention when I first heard of the brand. The heart!! 

6. Why is PANDAS close to your heart?

PANDAS is an incredible charity that supports parents when they’re at their most vulnerable. Parenthood is such a blessing, but it can also be scary, lonely and overwhelming. Through writing, sharing and making the podcast, I’ve seen just how low things can get and how important it is to have the team at PANDAS there to offer support, advice and comfort. Knowing the sale of this candle will help them reach more people in need is incredible. 

7. PANDAS is encouraging us to share our #BigLovePANDAS moments online this week. Has there been a particular moment, person or event that has particularly reflected the meaning behind Big Love for you? 

I’m writing this off the back of a yearly trek I do for another charity, and right now all I can think is how amazing humans are when they come together, show each other support and give an abundance of love. 


The limited-edition 'Big Love' wild flowers 180ml candle (approx 50hr burn time) is available to buy here. 100% profits donated to PANDAS Foundation



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