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The cool Cornish artist loved for her beautifully simplistic sketches depicting family life has created a special-edition label for our latest candle collaboration.  She tells us what inspires her work and how she finds calm amidst the chaos 


1. What is it about capturing moments from everyday family life that inspires you?

I have been into drawing from a very young age. I would draw on anything from cereal boxes to napkins and receipts in cafes (I still do!) I love watching people and seeing how they move as so much is said through body language. I draw very normal scenes like people in supermarkets or families in the kitchen because that is real life and where real love can be observed.

2.  What inspired you to collaborate with SevenSeventeen? 

I have bought SevenSeventeen candles in the past as a treat to myself and feel our core business values are similar. I wanted to collaborate on a candle to create a calm, soothing and uplifting vibe for our customers and to remind them of all that is good in this moment now.


3.  How do you incorporate candles into your day/evening? 

I love interiors and making spaces feel nurturing and calm through textures, colour and scent. Scent can completely change your mood and the energy of a space. I also enjoy the ritualistic aspect of lighting a candle to bring you into the present moment and centre yourself. Watching the flame flicker is mesmerising and meditative and connects you to something bigger than yourself.

Living in Cornwall the sea is a part of me and so I love smells that remind me of the beach and the ocean. I am currently burning the SevenSeventeen sea kelp fragrance in my studio and I love to light the moroccan rose scent at home.

4. What is your all-time favourite smell in the world?  

It’s hard to choose! Coffee and cake is up there. Weirdly, I also love the nostalgic smell of swimming pools. That is the incredible power of scent: it holds so many memories. I'd probably say my favourite smell ever is the top of my daughter's head when she tucks under my arm on the sofa. And the worse? The smell of meat was repulsive to me when I was pregnant!

5. As a busy working mum where do you find calm amidst the chaos?

Swimming is my go-to place to relax - either at a pool or in the sea. Even if it's at a loud, crazy children’s pool at the weekend, just being in the water that makes me feel free. I can feel my body change almost immediately.


6. Tell us three things you can see from your drawing table

I have just recently moved into a new studio, a little shepherds hut in an eco park on the North Cornish cliffs. Inside I can see a drawing my daughter made me and a toasty fire going in the wood burner. Outside, I'm looking at the wind turbine hurtling around as storm Ciara passes through!


Shop the SevenSeventeen X Sketchy Muma lime and ginger root candle here

Anna's prints are available to buy at Etsy


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